Apple fans everywhere have been stocking up on iPad 2 accessories since the device came out, but many of these accessories may have to be replaced with the new iPad coming out later this month, according to James Kendrick on ZDNet.

"One change in the new iPad got me wondering if accessories for the iPad 2 would still work with the new iPad, or if case makers were now scrambling to make changes to existing products," Kendrick writes. "The new iPad is only 0.024 inch thicker than the iPad 2, but that’s enough to make thin profile cases require changes to fit."

Kendrick said there are a lot of cases on the market that should work with the new Apple tablet, but there are also many that have thin profiles and may not be able to completely grasp the new iPad. He said he believes there will be many cases that will need to be modified to fit the new iPad, adding that this may be "the most expensive tiny change the industry has ever seen."

The Washington Post, in an article giving reasons to buy and not to buy the new iPad, said one reason not to buy is if someone already has an iPad 2 and they're happy with it. The newspaper said there's no big reason to buy it, which is doubly true if people would have to buy new iPad accessories as well.