Some Americans appear to be pretty attached to their cellphones, claiming they would rather go a week without sex than a week without their phone.

That was the consensus among one-third of respondents to a recent survey conducted by TeleNav, which aimed to gauge the loyalty of today's cellphone-crazed population. Another 55 percent said they would give up caffeine for a week rather than their mobile phone, while 63 percent would sacrifice chocolate and 70 percent were willing to abstain from alcohol consumption.

No one was more dedicated to their mobile phones than iPhone owners, the survey found. Compared to the 22 percent of overall respondents who claimed they would give up their toothbrush for a week before their mobile phone, 40 percent of iPhone users said the same. Interestingly, a shocking 83 percent of iPhone-owning respondents said the best romantic partners likely also own an iPhone.

This means that iPhone accessories are likely in higher demand than those for other mobile devices, considering iPhone owners are so passionate about the device.