Although gaming plays a significant role in the smartphone, tablet computer and smartphone accessories market, the graphics quality of many mobile video games is not as strong as some gamers would desire. This may change with the release of OnLive's cloud-based gaming service for numerous mobile OS platforms, according to PC Magazine.

The news source reports that some of the games from this service will be touchscreen enabled, while others must be played with the OnLive wireless controller. Platforms compatible with OnLive included Apple iOS, Google's Android and the Amazon Kindle Fire.

Recently, OnLive's CEO, Steve Perlman, who had demonstrated the service's capabilities on an iPad during a 2010 technology conference, spoke to the potential of OnLive.

"Now you can start playing a game at home on your home PC, take it with you on the train [via the new tablet functionality] and then play it at the office," Perlman said, according to the news source.

OnLive's game are playable on a Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G mobile internet connection, though optimal performance has been seen on 4G LTE networks.

The New York Times reports that other companies are attempting to make a move into cloud-based gaming, which could have a major effect on the console-based video game industry.