Research in Motion (RIM) has not provided a new mobile operating system for its BlackBerry smartphones since the product line first hit the market. At a software conference on October 18 in San Francisco, California, the Canada-based mobile device manufacturer announced the future release of a new mobile OS, referred to as BBX, that will appear in the next generation of BlackBerry devices.

According to Reuters, it was confirmed that BBX would be faster, and would work in conjunction with the QNX system that currently powers RIM's PlayBook tablets. Beyond that, RIM representatives refused to reveal any other details, not announcing the release dates of any BBX-powered smartphones or addressing other related questions.

The news source reports that this development was met with an unenthusiastic, but not negative, response from those gathered at the conference. Dave Lane, a software developer with the Tennessee-based company Metova, confirmed the lack of excitement that the BBX announcement failed to generate.

"BBX could potentially be exciting, but I was honestly expecting a bigger announcement. There was nothing revolutionary," Lane said, according to the news source.

RIM's reticence to reveal anything beyond a bare minimum of information about BBX is similar to its vague explanation of its mobile network's service outages last week. InformationWeek reports that the latter development may only contribute to the existing negative perception of the company.