With a goal of producing a replacement mobile battery for all major smartphones, OnTrion released extended batteries for Sprint's HTC EVO 4G model.

"All of the extended OEM-quality mobile phone batteries OnTrion manufactures have a battery cover and the original mAh (milliamperes) accurately stated on them," the company said. "Users of the HTC EVO 4G can maximize their smartphone's output with an OnTrion extended mobile phone battery."

The extended battery on the HTC should enable the smartphone to last two to three times longer than batteries that competitors produce, according to the company. OnTrion said this is an ideal way for owners of the phone to get the most out of their device.

Other than buying an extended battery, Yahoo's Today in Tech blog said there are more ways to make smartphones last longer. The blog said to have one program open at a time, reduce the brightness of the screen, put the phone in airplane mode when visiting a place where a signal is hard to come by and give it a "nap," or turn it off, at some point of the day.