Following the recent Apple media conference, much of the buzz surrounding the company's products was centered around the release of the iPhone 4S – what it offers, how it differs from the original and what was missing from the array of features rumored to be part of the newest phone.

Apple's updates to its MP3 players and iPod accessories may have been overshadowed by the new phone release. The iPod touch will now be offered with iOS 5, the company's newest operating system. With the new system, iPod owners can now use iMessage, which essentially enables phone-style text messaging on the device.

"iMessage brings the functionality of iPhone messaging to your iPod touch," the company put forth, "so you can easily send text messages, photos, videos and contact information to an individual or group on other iOS 5 devices."

The Touch is also compatible with the iCloud data system, enabling photo and file sharing and transferal between devices and computers on the Apple system.

iPod Nanos also have upgrades in store, including a pedometer, a host of new clock faces and new, larger icons. Prices have dropped by about $20 on the company's smallest device.