The new Palm Pre 2 isn’t much to feat your eyes on since the design is pretty much the same as the Palm Pre Plus. This is rather disappointing since instead of launching the Palm Pre Plus they should have instead released the Palm Pre Plus as just an updated version of the Palm Pre. If the design stays the same with nothing more but the internals getting a boost it does seems as if this should be the Palm Pre Plus as opposed the the Palm Pre 2. We may actually see a repeat of what happened to the Blackberry Storm 3 earlier this year, and have the entire plan cancelled due to lack of advancement in design. I hope we will see Palm make some serious changes to the overall design of the Pre 2 at current. This will however not change the fact that dedicated Palm users will still upgrade to this phone for WebOS 2.0 and the 1ghz processor.

Sources:Engadget MobiFrance