For those who like to take their tablets and smartphones with them everywhere they go but don't quite trust the cell phone batteries, Panasonic is releasing a new USB battery pack for both phones and tablets. The QE-QL301 will help power iPhones, iPads and other mobile devices.

"The flagship QE-QL301 can share its maximum 10,260mAh of power between two USB devices at once," according to Electronista. "At four times the power of even a well-equipped smartphone, it has both the power to give meaningful extra battery life to two devices, including to tablets like the iPad."

Seven chargers will be included with this model. Other models from Panasonic will have different powering capabilities, according to the news source. Japan will get the first shipment of these battery packs in May, but it is not yet known when this device will be released stateside.

PadGadget said that because the chargers are universal around the world, it is likely the United States will eventually get this device. Other models of the Panasonic cell phone batteries backup device will allow people to charge up to 8,100 mAh and charge wirelessly.