Touch as nails would probably be an understatement to this new Toughbook by Panasonic. It is a marvel for the mind being a measly 3 lbs with a 12.1″ inch display. Though it is a Toughbook and only about 12 inches Panasonic still puts out the performance with this device boasting a Core I5 Processor and an impressive 11 hour battery life. That however isn’t all that this Toughbook has to it. The S9 can withstand drops up to 30″, liquid spills on it’s spill resistant keyboard up to 6 oz, and the top and bottom can equally handle 220 lbs of pressure. This makes the S9 pretty indestructible unless you happen to drop a load of steel pipes or something ridiculous like that. This is however where the dream ends since the design isn’t too easy on the eyes plus after you purchase this your wallet will be pretty much on empty since it comes at the cost of $2500. This is makes the S9 though great, mostly accessible for large construction businesses or rich klutzes who drop their laptops all of the time.

Sources: Gizmodo