Pelican promises rugged and professional protection with its 1075 & i1075 HardBack iPad 2 cases, which come with its Lifetime Guarantee of Excellence.

Pelican's i1075 model is designed to fit the iPad and iPad2 and features a molded interior liner for shock protection. The case itself is waterproof and protects the iPad against dust, falls and many other hazards that users might experience in everyday life.

The inside includes a storage compartment for cables, chargers, adapters and other iPad accessories. The built-in stand supports horizontal and vertical viewing when the case is open.

In addition to cases for various sizes of laptops and tablets, Pelican offers the i1015 case for the iPhone. The i1015 is made of stainless stainless steel and is available with either a clear or solid color lid. The cases' external jack gives access to the iPhone's microphone and volume control. It might not be designed for submersion, but it's still water resistant and comes with a high level of protection similar to Pelican's other cases.