While the term "CrackBerry" may get a few laughs in the office, a new study by phone service provider RingCentral Connect found the nickname may be more astute than once thought.

In a survey of 400 RingCentral customers, nearly half admitted to being "addicted" to their smartphones. While the report doesn't specify the withdrawal symptoms of smartphones, it does highlight some of the current usage trends among RingCentral customers.

For example, nearly half of survey respondents said they use their smartphones and mobile phone accessories to conduct business. Sixty-four percent of survey respondents indicated that they use their smartphones for business more now than they did a year ago.

Additionally, many respondents said they often check their smartphones before getting out of bed or when they're in the bathroom. Fifty-eight percent said they would take an urgent business-related call when in the bathroom.

The smartphone phenomenon has been steadily growing in recent years with the introduction of the iPhone and various handsets based on Android, Windows Phone and other mobile operating systems. According to a recent Nielsen study, 36 percent of Americans currently own smartphones, mocoNews reports.