It is indeed still alive and kicking. There have been new leaks on the Playstation Phone and it does look really awesome. I am a huge PSP fan and this just makes me want the Playstation Phone so much more. The Playstation Phone will have be running Anroid 3.0, have a 1ghz processor (200mhz more than the G2), a 3.7-4.1 inch screen, multi-touch, 1gb of RAM, and will have microsd support. This is great news since we will no longer have to buy the expensive pro stick duo’s any more. Another feature that is nice is the Playstation Network which has been reworked for the Playstation Phone. I would be more excited if the release was entirely slated for 2010, though possible, is much more realistically seen to come out in 2011. Keep your eyes peeled for this one since it is going to be awesome.

Sources: Gizmodo