Rumors have circulated throughout the world of mobile technologies stating that Facebook plans to release a smartphone of its own, with the social network deeply integrated into the software and hardware. According to All Things Digital, the first details of the purported phone claim that it will be manufactured by Taiwanese mobile device company HTC.

The news source reports that Facebook and HTC both declined to officially comment on these plans – unnamed sources close to the site's project team supplied the details. HTC apparently beat out Samsung for the ability to work on this project, and it is not likely to release the device for the next 12 to 18 months.

The device is believed to run on a version of the Android mobile operating system, and will likely use HTML5 as its prominent platform for the development of new mobile apps.

Since mobile usage is a prominent aspect of Facebook's service, this project is being seen as a logical progression for the social media site. Currently, manufacturers including HTC and Motorola already have phones on the market with smartphone accessories providing instant access to the site through Facebook buttons.

According to the Register, it still seems unclear whether this project will make much of a difference in the crowded field of Android devices.