It is very plausible that is 2011 there will be between 5 and 6 new Palm devices being released. One of these devices which may be released is the Palm Tablet (no shocker here). The manufacturers Foxconn and Compal have come to a deal with HP and Palm to make devices for them. It is most likely going to be spread out with 5 devices for Foxconn and just one device by Compal. This may not seem like too much, but for a company like Palm which is just now beginning to make a comeback into the market with it’s WebOS devices, these 5-6 devices will be a large addition to their line up. The only hope that I have for this is that some of these new WebOS devices will be made with a form factor different than the pebble style devices we have been seeing from Palm. Keep your fingers crossed and we will all see just what Palm brings to the table of a pretty big year in mobile devices.

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