IPad 2 accessories tend not to shy away from gaudiness, and the new Prada iPad sleeves are no exception. According to UberGizmo, those who want to be extremely fashion conscious with their designer iPad cases can invest in a Prada sleeve at $390 for men and $310 for women.

"The new iPad sleeve for men is available in black color with a skull detail at the lower-right portion," Waleg, a tech and gadgets website, said. "On the other side is the Prada logo for everyone to see. The sleeve for women on the other hand is a more colorful variety. It’s available in black, pink and white colors with small heart prints."

While the two items may be made differnetly for men and women as far as the design is concerned, both are made from Saffiano calf leather, UberGizmo said, with a nappa leather lining.

While this may not be the one for everyone, those who have the bag and shoes have to have the matching iPad accessories, right? These iPad cases are out now and available to order for all the fashionistas out there.