With the iPad2 available today it is only fitting that there is a bit of info on the much anticipated iPad2. After months of rumors and waiting it has finally arrived and will be sold after 5pm local time wherever you are. Of course there will always be those of us who choose to wait to get our iPad2s and if you don’t want to go into the stores you can purchase one of them online at apple.com after 1AM PT. Of course the iPad2 will be sold on other retail websites, however those will not be released until later on. Like the previous iPad the iPad2 will have a wi-fi version and a wi-fi/3G version. The only difference from before is that you will be able to choose between Verizon and AT&T. Between both plans there is however no real better plan so if you want 3G it will need to be based on your own budget rather than our knowledge. Finally as we all know by now the iPad 2 will have a camera so you can check out all the camera apps and even the iMovie app. Be sure to check it all out since it goes live today!

Source: Engadget