Being absent to school has never seemed so unattractive. School district officials in the Anaheim School District have volunteered to take part in a pilot program which is supposed to help lower the chances of middle schoolers getting involved in gangs. The solution is that for kids who have 4 unexcused absences to choose to or be volunteered for the pilot program by their parents. The child will receiver a gps tracking device which will require them to enter a code five times per day in order to pass muster, and they’ll also be required to field at least three calls per week from the person who will be checking in on them. This program has been successful in both Baltimore and San Antonio so they are hoping that it is successful with the 75 students currently volunteered for the program will be successful so that they can expand the program. There is a simpler solution than this, but I doubt that parents want to be that involved with their child’s school life.

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