We all know that Sony has not necessarily done the best of jobs with it’s PSN addition with the PSP line of products as well as with the PS3, but it seems that it has just gone from bad to worse with this last update. According to Sony, due to some “malicious actions” there has been a leak of personal information for PSN and Qriocity users. Sony however has not been able to tell it’s customers exactly what sort of information has been compromised, but it is clear that there have not necessarily been to many actions to help with the situation other than shutting down the PSN network for the moment. It is unclear when it will be available again, but at the very least it does not prevent the use of Netflix. Not only has this effected us in the U.S., but also there have been reports in the UK that name, shipping address, billing address, country, e-mail address, birthdate, PSN/Qriocity ID, PSN/Qriocity password, PSN/Qriocity security question and answer, and purchase history have all been accounted for as compromised information.

This is a very large failure on Sony’s part, and I believe that rather than having people figure out what sort of information was compromised they should instead inform their customers about the situation and continue to update them on the progress that they are making in fixing the issue. I think that since we have seen that Sony is not necessarily very timely on the work they do such as different products, it is not very surprising if this fix could take a long time. If anything I believe that if they rush to push out a solution for this problem that they will end up with an even larger mess than they began with. Either way it is simply Sony who must now make the proper actions to fix the problem which they themselves had created. I advise that users of both PSN and Qriocity change their account information as will as credit card records to make sure no one has taken advantage of this information leak.

Source: Engadget PlayStation Blog