Playstation is currently telling licensees that the PSP2 will be as powerful as the PS3. This sounds really awesome since the PSP2 is a handheld device, but in reality we all know deep down that this is not possible. If anything this is more of a hint or guiding statement towards the people whom are making games, to make their games with more details and such like a normal game console. This is done in order to show that there is a clear difference between the PSP2 and iPhone or Android games. The idea that iOS devices and Android devices can double as a replacement of traditional handheld devices is something Sony has been fighting against. The PSP2 will have it’s games mostly via download like the PSP Go, but they also plan to release physical copies in order to sell them at retail stores. The PSP2 looks like it will be a really cool device coming out to us in Q4 or 2011.

Sources: Gizmodo MCVUK