While there are plenty of new iPad cases and accessories that will try and make the device usable almost anywhere, Apple lovers may want to be careful about keeping the iPad mounted on their car's dashboard. According to KTVU , the iPad windshield mount has caused some concern from safety authorities.

“There’s just so much distraction," Cynthia Harris, a spokeswoman for AAA in Northern California, told the news source. "There are so many new devices that come out it seems that every month there’s something new.”

Harris said that these devices shouldn't be used while driving as it could become a huge distraction. Elon Stiers, a California Highway Patrol spokesman, told KTVU that California allows a mounting of five inches in the lower-left corner of the driver's side, and seven inches in the lower right corner. The iPad may be illegal in this regard, as the screen is 9.7 inches.

Patrick Masterton, a product manager for SIIG's $30 iPad Windshield mount, told TabTimes.com that people shouldn't use the device while driving. These iPad accessories are not safe for use while on the road and there is a clear warning on the package saying so, he said.