Users frustrated with traditional iPhone mounting options have a new accessory that addresses the limitations of other mounting gear. After receiving full funding from its Kickstarter project, Annex Products launched the Quad Lock Mounting system.

Quad Lock provides a single system to mount the iPhone almost anywhere and functions as its own protective case.

"We developed the Quad Lock after we realized that there wasn't a good solution for mounting your phone in multiple applications," Annex wrote on the Quad Lock website. "We tried many different car mounts, desk stands and bike cradles, but most require you to remove your phone from its case, and none of them really work that well."

The case comes with a different mounting kit, depending on where users want to mount the case. The wall and bike mount kits can each be purchased separately or as part of a bundle.

Although they're not yet available, Annex has announced plans to release Quad Lock iPad 2 accessories, as well as a universal adapter, which will make Quad Lock compatible with other phones.