Car chargers can be great for people on the move, but when that isn't available and someone is on the move, there really aren't that many options. Enter the PowerMat Dual 1850 Rechargable Backup Battery, which CNET said has a simple design that can power two devices at once in emergency situations when on the move.

"Provided you can afford it and it's compatible with your gadgets, the PowerMat Dual 1850 Rechargeable Backup Battery is a fresh, efficient and convenient way to charge multiple devices when at home and on the go," CNET said.

The battery charger has some downsides, the website said, as it does not have a secure fit and can't charge non-Apple devices without a Micro-USB port, but it does offer the ability for a quick charge when it may be desperately needed in the airport, on a train or somewhere else where no power outlets are available.

Gizmag said the first wireless mat charger came out in 2009 and was considered a pretty big innovation. Back then, the cell phone accessories were priced at about $100, which makes the PowerMat's retail price of about $50 look pretty good.