Apple may have intrigued even more new customers simply by delaying the release of its iPhone 5, recent market research suggests.

A poll conducted by PriceGrabber found that 35 percent of more than 2,800 responding consumers plan to purchase the iPhone 5 as soon as it is released. Another 30 percent said they would buy the device by the end of 2011, while 51 percent said they would buy it within a year after it hits shelves.

Apple is expected to release the iPhone 5 this fall, disrupting its previous pattern for releasing the device. In the past, the company traditionally released new editions of the phone around June, with the last being the iPhone 4. Delaying the release for the iPhone 5, which is expected to accompany the introduction of the iOS 5 mobile operating system, may have generated more attention, PriceGrabber general manager Graham Jones said.

"Our survey data confirms the strong following Apple has built around its iPhone, with more than one-third of consumers planning to upgrade to the latest model only a little over a year following the release of the iPhone 4," Graham said.

The statistics suggest an impending rush to purchase more iPhone accessories, as many new iPhone customers invest in a protective case or screen protector to avoid breaking a new, expensive smartphone.