For people who want to carry around their tablets, laptops and more without carting around all the extras, the new Rickshaw sleeves could be great iPad 2 cases for someone on the go. Kevin Purcell writes on Gotta Be Mobile that the sleeves can fit over MacBook Air, iPad 2, Kindle Fire and more, and they have a homemade look but are crafted very well.

"A good sleeve case should fit snugly on your electronic device and protects it as you carry it around without a bag or while putting inside another larger backpack, your luggage or a case," Purcell said. "Rickshaw cases fit the product perfectly and don’t add so much volume that you can’t fit it into another carrying case."

Purcell said he can recommend these sleeves, as they come at a pretty decent price, anywhere from $25 to $50, and are made very well. The sleeves are also made in America, and Purcell said they were built to last.

Richshaw's website said the iPad 2 cases can have a horizontal or verticle orientation, are made from scratch in San Francisco, have laptop-grade padding and an "ultra-plush" liner.