It is no secret to those in the know regarding the latest technologies that few things have been going well for Research in Motion (RIM), manufacturer of the BlackBerry smartphone. Faced with research claiming that many of its users planned to get rid of their devices and related smartphone accessories and look for a new company to rely upon, RIM is beseeching its customers to upgrade to its newest BlackBerry offerings.

According to PC Magazine, the most recently released BlackBerry devices, which came out this past summer, are being viewed by many as the best phones that RIM has released so far. Even so, they are also considered somewhat outdated by comparison to the phones running on more current operating systems such as Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

The news source reports that the details of RIM's dissatisfied customers first emerged in a satisfaction survey conducted by Enterprise Management Associates (EMA). It revealed that 60 percent of small business employees and 30 percent of those at larger companies planned to move away from the BlackBerry during the next year due to dissatisfaction – interestingly, this took place before the intercontinental text messaging service outage millions of customers experienced.

InfoWorld reports that even the announcement of the new BBX mobile OS could not stem RIM's flow of problems – a New Mexico-based sofware firm claims they have trademarked the BBX name.