Last week, a core switching failure within the data network of Research and Motion (RIM) led to the failure of text-messaging services for millions of users. As a result, the company behind the BlackBerry is hoping to turn things around for itself with the future release of new products and smartphones accessories, according to the New York Times.

The news source reports that a new mobile operating system is likely to be among these new products, along with a new line of BlackBerry smartphones and PlayBook tablet computers. This OS is believed by some to be revealed at the RIM software developers' conference in San Francisco, California, scheduled for October 18.

The news source reports that the outcome of this conference will be vital to RIM. Prominent software makers will have to have at least some confidence in the capabilities of the new OS to be persuaded to design new apps for it. RIM will have little hope of competing with Android or Apple iOS without that sort of support. Both of those systems exceed the power of the BlackBerry mobile OS, which was developed 12 years ago and has been largely unchanged ever since.

According to P C Magazine, RIM announced on October 17 that it planned to compensate BlackBerry customers who may have been inconvenienced by last week's service outage, through the two-month free download offer of several popular mobile applications.