After a lengthy bout of difficulties, Research in Motion (RIM) is looking to bring itself back to its former standing in the mobile device market. The company released some details about its latest batch of smartphones, powered by the new BBX operating system. According to PC Magazine, these will support features and smartphone accessories that have long been core BlackBerry offerings and contain a number of improved technical specifications.

The news source reports that this announcement came from Alec Saunders, vice president of developer relations and ecosystem development for RIM. He stated the the screens of the latest BlackBerry smartphones will be equivalent in resolution and aspect ratio to the company's PlayBook tablet computer, higher than that of any other smartphone.

To make the new devices even more attractive to consumers, RIM is looking to court software developers who had previously worked on other mobile operating systems, such as Symbian, which was Nokia's platform before that company switched to Windows Phone. RIM is hoping that these individuals will develop high-end apps and games that can compete with Android and iOS offerings.

On November 8, Reuters reported that banking firm Barclays cut its price target per share of RIM stock from $40 to $23, based on the company's delays in releasing new products.