The fortunes of the Canadian mobile device manufacturer Research in Motion (RIM) have continued to decline over the past few weeks. In the most recent unfavorable event to bnefall the company responsible for the once-popular BlackBerry smartphone, stock prices for the firm listed on the NASDAQ exchange fell to $18.77 a share, the lowest price reported in six years.

According to Reuters, RIM's share of the U.S. smartphone market fell to similar lows – about 9 percent in the third quarter of 2011 as opposed to the 24 percent reported at the same time in 2010. These metrics put RIM in fifth place in the global smartphone and smartphone accessories market, based on a report by research firm Canalys.

Pete Cunningham, one of Canalys' analysts, states that RIM's best chance is its new QNX mobile operating system.

"RIM has a couple of difficult quarters ahead of it," Cunningham told the news source. "But if it can get to QNX and execute on that and deliver a handset maybe toward Q1, certainly the beginning of Q2, it gives itself an opportunity of being able to compete again.

Bloomberg reports that RIM is considered to be worth less than the net value of its patents and property.