Sprint is reportedly gearing up for the launch of its rugged, Android-powered Titanium smartphone from Motorola on July 24, according to a recent report from Sprintfeed.com.

The good news is that the smartphone is expected to be ultra-durable. Built to meet Military Specification 810G, the Motorola Titanium will be resistant to dust, shock, vibration, extreme temperatures, low pressure and solar radiation, making it handy for users who work in more rugged environments.

The bad news is that the smartphone is also expected to ship with Android 2.1, or Eclair, making it something of a dinosaur before it even hits the market.

Nevertheless, with a full QWERTY keyboard, a 5-megapixel camera and embedded Wi-Fi connectivity, the Titanium will be a suitable handset for those in the field. And, as has been the case with many smartphones, it may eventually receive a software upgrade to bring it up to date.

Additionally, Sprint will release several mobile phone accessories for the Titanium, including a holster and shield combo and a Bluetooth headset.

As more Android-based smartphones arrive on the market, Google's market share continues to grow. According to figures from Gartner, Google will account for 38.5 percent of the smartphone market this year.