For many people the police siren has become something which they have become accustomed to so it almost seems to have no effect on them. Now police cars in New York have begun to come out with a new Siren called the Rumbler which emits a quieter, but lower frequency sound which better penetrates car door while not damaging people’s ears or causing minimal if no harm to pregnant women. There is a strange side effect to it which is that you can feel it coming from down the street. The folks at Gizmodo got a closer feel of this and they claimed when they were outside they felt a bit of a rumbling in their ribs, but when they were is a car they simply felt a tingle, and finally when they were in the police car the seats simply vibrated. New York Police are planning to equip about 5,000 of the NYPD’s 8,000 police cars with the rumbler.

Sources: Gizmodo NYT