Although many iPad 2 accessories are coming out now and will continue to thrive, rumors are starting to surface that iPad 3 and iPad 4 may be out in 2012, according to what sources have told DigiTimes.

"The iPad 3 will come with a QXGA (1,536×2,048 pixels) display and longer battery life although its other hardware specifications may not be so amazing as expected, said the sources," DigiTimes reports. "But Apple will take the advantage of the iPad 3 launch to slash the price of its iPad 2 to $399, the sources claimed."

The launch of the iPad 3 will lead into a launch of the iPad 4 later in the year, according to what sources told DigiTimes. The website said the iPad 4 will be 9.7 inches and is expected to come with upgraded hardware specifications, as well as integrated applications to compete with different tablets making their way into the market.

MacObserver said that considering the popularity of the iPad 2, a logical step would be to make a next generation upgrade, much like what the company did from iPhone 4 into iPhone 4S.