A recently leaked newsletter from Lenovo's U.S. Affiliate Program revealed that the company is planning to introduce two new Android-powered tablets within the next couple of weeks.

An image of the document was published on technology website Liliputing, which showed Lenovo will release the ThinkPad on June 28, while its IdeaPad is slated for launch in either late June or July.

Both tablets appear to be designed for enterprise use, rather than consumer. The 10-inch ThinkPad, for example, is expected to come with a stylus for signature capture and can presumably be paired with a number of mobile accessories to offer greater productivity in the workplace.

The IdeaPad, meanwhile, is essentially a U.S. version of Lenovo's LePad. Expected to be available though OfficeMax, the 10-inch tablet will ship with Android 3.0 and include a 1-gigahertz Tegra 2 processor from Nvidia.

These latest rumors support a recent report from the Dow Jones that stated Lenovo would release two Android-powered tablet this summer. Additionally, the Chinese electronics manufacturer is reportedly planning to release a Windows-based tablet later this year.