Electronics manufacturers aren't the only ones looking to profits in the tablet market. According to a recent CNN report, news enterprise the Tribune Company is also trying to crack into the burgeoning market and release a tablet of its own.

The Tribune Company, which owns several media outlets, including the Chicago Tribune, the Los Angeles Times and dozen of TV stations, is reportedly working with Samsung to develop a new Android-based tablet for its newspaper subscribers.

According to anonymous sources familiar with the situation, the tablet will run on a modified version of Google's mobile operating system, which will include software that focuses on content from a subscriber's local newspaper.

The Tribune Company has not officially revealed any plans regarding the tablet, but CNN reported that the newspaper company will likely offer the tablet for free to its subscribers, or at least at significantly low costs.

While the Tribune Company's move may be a bold one, many experts have noted that the rise of media tablets has potential to help revitalize the publishing industry. Already, several publishers have released tablet-specific versions of their newspapers, magazine and books. And a recent BookStats study found that the publishing industry revenue has grown 5.6 percent in the past three years.