Research In Motion is apparently trying to bridge the gap between tablet and PC by releasing a new accessory for its BlackBerry PlayBook: a physical keyboard.

According to images recently leaked by technology news provider Slash Gear, RIM is planning to release a full-sized QWERTY keyboard to complement its debut in the tablet market. Slash Gear also said the rumor was confirmed by RIM's head of accessories Bruce Winter.

Given the fact that tablets are all about portability, the launch of a full-fledged keyboard may seem like an odd move. However, the accessory could prove useful in an office environment when a digital keyboard seems too slow. The physical keyboard could then be left at the office when the user needs to travel with just the tablet itself in tow – maintaining portability while still offering more productivity.

RIM has yet to officially confirm the new keyboard, but Slash Gear speculated that it may launch alongside the 10-inch PlayBook that is also rumored to launch before the holidays this year.

After much anticipation, RIM finally released its BlackBerry PlayBook last month. However, so far, the tablet has received mixed reviews.