Samson has released a new iPad accessory for users with a love for creating music. In addition to being designed for portability, the Carbon 49 has a slot specifically designed for the iPad to allow it to dock with the accessory.

The Carbon 49 features an electronic keyboard that connects to the iPad via a USB cable. The 49 keys are sensitive to the speed they are pressed, designed to allow for dynamic performing. The keyboard includes its own editing button to control 14 different music settings, and can change between four octaves. It is designed to be lightweight and more portable than similar iPad 2 accessories.

The Carbon 49 is compatible with any iPad app that supports MIDI controllers and also comes with Native Instruments' Komplete Elements software, which gives users a wide range of sounds to customize music with.

Samson also offers the Graphite 49, another USB-connected MIDI controller. Featuring 49 keys like its counterpart, the Graphite 49 is designed with the musician in mind. In addition to the layout of keys, the device has four additional buttons that can be programmed to play specific sounds or music samples.