The newest Samsung Android smartphones are hitting the U.S. market this fall. The company has announced the release of the Galaxy S II, following the successful launch of the device in European and Korean markets.

According to the company, the Galaxy S II has already sold 5 million units in the initial release countries, in a span of only 85 days.

"The unveiling of the Galaxy S II is a landmark achievement for Samsung, our carrier customers and consumers," said Samsung Mobile CEO Dale Sohn. "We believe the cutting-edge design, features and user experience of this innovative device will share the same level of success in the U.S."

The phone will run the Android Gingerbread operating system. According to reports, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile, three of the top four U.S. carriers, will be offering the new device, with only slight differences in each company's model.

Samsung hails the phone's "ultra-thin form" and superior screen display. Each of the three will be using 4G3 service, and with optional HDMI-enabled mobile phone accessories available, the Galaxy S II will be one of the fastest, lightest and most advanced smartphones on the market.