Samsung has held a reputation as one of the leading vendors in the smartphone and smartphone accessories market for the past few years. The company further bolstered this claim with its December 11 announcement that its smartphone sales for the whole of 2011 were likely to top 300 million units.

According to Reuters, the company attributed much of the credit for this success to its Galaxy line of smartphones, particularly the Galaxy S and S II models. The latter device has sold 10 million units since its debut in April. Like the projected smartphone shipments for 2011, the S II's sales figures constitute a new record for Samsung.

The news source reports that J.K. Shin, the president of Samsung's mobile communications business branch, stated, upon making the 2011 sales announcement, that his company expected to continue to build upon its success so far in the coming year.

Currently, Samsung stands as the second-largest manufacturer of mobile devices by volume. In 2010, it sold approximately 280 million units, making 2011's figures, if proven accurate, a substantial uptick.

However, Samsung's troubles in the legal world continue to persist with regard to numerous intellectual property disputes with Apple. According to Apple Insider, Samsung's attorneys are being accused of stalling the progress of a lawsuit Apple filed in a California court.