AT CES 2011 this past weekend Samsung go to go and show off that flexible AMOLED screen which they have been working on for a little while now. What more can be said other than that these are really very awesome screens which can bend and take quite a beating. They are being made now at the size of 4.5 inches which is already big enough to satisfy anyone, however what is even more impressive is how shatter proof the screen is. This screen was able to withstand, unlike an iPhone screen, multiple blows brought on by a sledge hammer. These flexible screens were not the only ones going on display for Samsung though. Samsung also brought a 19 inch see through color screen, which is cool and all but definitely not necessary, which are supposed to be more market ready than the flexible AMOLED screens. Another item which was spotted that will definitely draw a lot of attention is the 7.5 inch Super AMOLED screens which seem to be Galaxy Tab ready.

Source: Engadget