People looking for mobile phone accessories that will allow them to hear music in differnet ways are in luck, as Samsung is launching a new range earphones with a litany of features, including wireless and tangle-free headphones.

Samsung's Your Sound range is led by the EHS-60 Serious Sound and the EHS-63 Active Sound. These headphones have unique features, such as Active Sound's set pair dual speakers which allow people to keep aware of their surroundings. Another feature is tangle free wires so people can keep headphones in their ears while exercises and not be held back by wires hanging everywhere.

"The EHS-60, 63, 70 and 71 all offer a twist on the wired stereo headset model," said of the series. "The high-end 70 and 71 are crafted of aluminum and include welcome features like anti-tangle cords. The most interesting, though, are certainly the asymmetrical EHS-63s which feature an in-ear bud for higher frequencies and an open-air speaker for low-end."

Users looking for different cell phone accessories, such as these headphones, should look into Samsung's new line of items.