As a result of one German lawsuit filed by Apple, Samsung received an order to withdraw its galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet computer from that country's market, due to similarities with the iPad 2 that the nation's courts deemed excessive.

According to PCWorld, the device is no longer banned due to provisions in the court order allowing Samsung to modify it and place it back on the tablet computer and tablet accessories market. Versions of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 with various modifications will be released in Germany at an as yet unspecified date, and it is already available for pre-order from various German online retailers.

The news source reports that the required changes are minor – speakers are now in the front of the Tab 10.1 rather than on the sides, and it also features a redesigned bezel. These modified devices are only being sold in Germany, and in the meantime, Samsung has appealed the initial court ruling.

BBC News reports that some market experts believe Apple may not be satisfied with the modified Tab 10.1, and will file for another sales injunction, though Apple released no comment on the matter.