A new leader in the Android mobile phone market has emerged: the Samsung Galaxy S.

The original Galaxy S holds the distinction of being the top-selling Android phone since the operating system was developed. Since the release of the Galaxy S II in the spring, the new model has shipped approximately 10 million units globally.

"Since its launch in late April 2011, the GALAXY S II has seen continued sales success," said J.K. Shin, Samsung's mobile communications president, "demonstrating Samsung’s industry-leading capabilities in – and commitment to – the smartphone market."

The new model is touted for its ultra-thin design, a selling point for many Android smartphones as larger screens continue to be released. Despite the popularity of Apple's mobile accessories and devices and the imminent release of the highly-anticipated iPhone 5, manufacturers such as Samsung, Motorola Mobile and HTC are experiencing continual success in the market.

"In just five months the GALAXY S II has seen tremendous growth," Shin noted, "reflecting its tremendous popularity with customers around the world."

The phone's true measure of success will be how the rate of sales holds up once the new iPhone is released.