If you owned the Samsung Solstice, but you really wanted the Samsung Mythic, yet still wanted it to be called the Solstice then this is probably the phone for you. I must say that the Solstice 2 is a dud and I am surprised AT&T did not cancel it. We have seen this a few times already with Verizon, however this is just ridiculously similar to older Samsung touch screen models. When I first saw the name I was hoping that they had improved this phone like LG had with the Vu. I hurriedly went to see what the Samsung Solstice 2 was all about, but as soon as I got a glimpse I was let down. It has the same form factor, except with a bigger and more clearly marked back button, and the camera was not improved. The only thing I saw that was significantly different with this phone and the original Solstice was the addition of TouchWiz 2.0. This is truly a let down, however for the price of $29.99 with a new contract I guess I can’t complain, since you get what you pay for.

Source: Phonedog