Despite T-Mobile saying that there would be a new Galaxy S phone, namely the Vibrant 4G, Samsung has also released statements that there would be a T-Mobile network+HSPA Galaxy S phone arriving soon. There may not be too many details on what the phone will have, but so far it is confirmed that there will be a Super AMOLED screen and it will come with Android 2.2. This does not seem like much to go off of since there has been no official naming of this unknown Galaxy S phone, but it is somewhat safe to assume that they would not be releasing a new Samsung Vibrant unless it was 4G. We will have to wait and see exactly what Samsung and T-Mobile will end up announcing in the future about this phone, but I hope that later on when news comes back we will be seeing a Samsung Vibrant 4G with Android 2.3.

Source: Engadget