The total amount of smartphone shipments for the most recent fiscal quarter of rival mobile device manufacturers Samsung and Apple were recently released. These figures indicate that Samsung shipped more than 20 million units, while Apple shipped 17.1 million.

According to the Wall Street Journal, this is likely to significantly benefit Samsung. Although other facets of its business have been subject to various levels of decline, such as the manufacturing of memory chips and flat panels, its telecommunications unit reported an operating profit margin of 13.7 percent in the second quarter. For the third-quarter, the totals for these profits are estimated at somewhere between $3.5 and $3.9 billion.

The news source reports that Samsung has shifted its mobile device production strategy away from traditional cellphones, now centering largely around smartphones and tablet computers. During the first and second quarters of 2011, the Korean electronics manufacturer respectively shipped 12 million and 19 million smartphones, and if the estimated third-quarter shipments are accurate, that trend of growth shows no sign of stopping.

On October 18, Samsung unveiled its new Nexus Prime smartphone, featuring the new Android 4.0 mobile operating system, known as Ice Cream Sandwich. The Inquirer reported that Samsung designed the device to ensure it would not be accused of copying any Apple designs and not incur another intellectual property lawsuit from its primary competitor.