Whether looking for Galaxy S2 accessories Apple accessories, the new Satechi iFit-1 smartphone speaker can help people charge their smartphones and blast out some good tunes. Mobiletor said this system is designed to work with multiple devices and is conveniently portable.

"The diminutive speaker system features a slide-out holder to host the concerned handset as users check mail or browse the web or play games or more on the device," the website said. "Additionally, it can also be hooked up to a laptop or tablet in order to offer the function of a portable speaker."

This stand comes in a variety of colors, including pink, lime green and black. The smartphone stands up on the device, which can be helpful for video chatting, playing music or watching videos on the device.

These accessories are retailing for about $16. Satechi said on its website that it will allow users to play music anywhere with its compact design. There is a sliding stand that can also be moved to use the device as a speaker system for a laptop or tablet, so even those looking for iPad accessories can have fun with this device.