With Apple preparing to launch the next generation of the iPad tablet, 7-inch tablets have never been more popular, according to DigiTimes. The news source said consumers have shown a growing interest in tablets from Amazon and Barnes of Noble, leading to a spike in shipments. IPad 2 accessories have always been very popular, but more tablets may see action in that area.

Shipments of 7-inch panels grew 17 percent in a month, the news source said, as the Kindle Fire and the Nook Tablet started to gain more traction and popularity.

"As for 9.7-inch panel, due to Apple reportedly being ready to launch the next-generation iPad in the first half of 2012, the company's purchasing of the panel for the existing model dropped in November, but may start pick up again as the company will need to prepare panels for the new models," DigiTimes reported.

Apple's next generation iPad could come as early as February, but the news source believes it will be released in March or April 2012.

Despite Steve Jobs being against the "tweener" tablet market, SlashGear said there are rumors of a 7.85-inch iPad. This could open up many new options for tablet and mobile phone accessories.