While phone cases, batteries and more may be more common accessories, GPP has developed a new accessory that will unlock iPhone 4S. Carriers in the United States will probably not be happy about this new accessory.

The GPP SIM tool can unlock AT&T iPhone 4S mobile devices and also the iPhone 4S on Japan's KDDI and Softbank. For those outside of these carriers, GottaBeMobile explains what can be done.

"Rival carriers Sprint and Verizon Wireless often provide SIM unlock codes to customers in good standing," the website said. "After 90 days of good service, subscribers can call customer service and request a SIM unlock code if they intend to do any international travel. GPP says that a tool that will be compatible with the Sprint iPhone 4S is being developed right now, so that should provide a second option for Sprint iPhone 4S customers."

It remains to be seen if there will be any iPad 3 accessories similar to this, but for now people can easily unlock their iPhones for the price of about $85 with this SIM card.