Typical protective iPad 2 cases are known for shielding the device from everyday hazards like bumps and scrapes, but with SlateSHIELD by PPC Techs, the iPad itself becomes the shield – at the very least, it lets users hold the device like one.

The all-in-one case features a strap on the back panel to allow for easy holding and maneuvering the iPad while on the go. While the strap allows for increased portability with the iPad, the SlateSHIELD's integrated stand and rotating handle let users comfortably view in horizontal and vertical positions for those relaxing, stationary moments. SlateSHIELD is compatible with the iPad, iPad 2 and the new iPad.

Made from ABS plastic, the case covers the back and corners of the iPad to protect common points of impact. PPC Techs also offers the WriteSHIELD, a protective screen cover. Made from a mixture of methyl-silicone rubber and polyethylene terephthalate, the WriteSHIELD also features anti-glare functionality. PPC includes two microfiber cleaning cloths, an applicator, two Klearscreen single cleaners and a lifetime guarantee with all WriteSHIELD products.