Happy Owl Studio, a small manufacturer of mobile accessories including cellphone cases and more, is starting to make its mark, according to TUAW. The website said the company, which is based in Colorado, "makes some of the finest Apple accessories" out on the market and lists some of the favorites.

One product TUAW loves is The Wallet for iPad 2, which retails for about $80 and is big enough to carry the iPad and other things people need on their person, including their wallet and other necessities. There is also The Clutch for $80 which is similar to The Wallet, but offers more of a feminine touch.

For people that like more minimal cases, The Shell for the iPad is $40 and is a thin leather shell that should protect the tablet from the maladies of the outside world, such as scratches and drops.

Devon Reed, one of the founders of the company, told the Denver Post that, "to compete in that same world as the huge accessory makers, we need to take advantage of what we have but they don't have: the ability to turn on a dime." From the positive reviews their iPad accessories and more have been getting, it seems they have.