With the popularity of phone cases, cell phone batteries and the general accessory market, it's no surprise that a new report from ABI Research said that smartphones will drive $20 billion in aftermarket accessory revenues this year. This accounts for more than half of the $36 billion that all after market cell phone accessories will bring in this year, the company said.

There's no drop-off in sight either, the report said, as smartphone accessories are poised to grow to $38 billion in revenue by 2017. Non-smart feature phone accessories will decline to $12 billion.

“The increasing penetration of smartphones is driving a more ubiquitous digital consumer who expects the data capabilities of the smartphone to be available in any device with which the smartphone interacts,” says Michael Morgan, senior analyst of mobile devices at ABI Research.

Customers will spend an average of $28.17 for accessories per device, while smartphone owners will spend $56.18 per accessory this year. Customers will continue to use smartphone accessories that they have but will increase in expectations as their devices continue to evolve.